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night moss

Skeldos & Teahouse Radio
Hypnagoga Press / cd / cassette / 2024

Night Moss unifies the melancholy of Teahouse Radio and Skeldos. The album was composed remotely during the pandemic and finished in person, when the lockdowns ended, and Pär Boström  and Vytenis Eitminavičius could meet for the first time.
Accordions, zither, tape loops, synthesizers and effect pedals combine with gentle singing to form lullabies from another place. A place of tenderly prepared nests. Shelters for hiding in quietness, singing oneself to sleep. For travelling over dreamy marshes, through fields of juniper. In the rain, in an endless stream.
Music, lyrics and artwork: Pär Boström & Vytenis Eitminavičius.
Mastering: Simon Heath
Translation: Jurij Dobriakov & Lars Ahlström.
Recorded in Sweden and Lithuania, 2019-2022.
“when with the hushing of birds
you fall asleep in a trail of moss
lulling you
so you feel no thoughts”

“sleep now
everything flows
as light as chaff
everything turns
into your dreams”

niekada nesibaigiantis lingavimas

Skeldos / 5″ lathe cut / 2022

“Niekada nesibaigiantis lingavimas” / Neverending Sway – a second mini album by Skeldos.
Black 5″ lathe cut vinyl. Handmade screen printed packaging with info inserts + additional print on kraft paper (silver version). Limited to 27 copies. Two cover versions: Silver print (1-10); white print (11-27).
Music, lyrics, artwork: Vytenis Eitminavičius
Photo: rūkana /
Translation: Jurij Dobriakov
It’s a fundraising release. All earned money was sent to Ukraine.
Слава Україні! Героям слава!

ži​ū​r​ė​jimas į mus vis paliekan​č​ią kometą

Skeldos / 5″ lathe cut / 2020

“Žiūrėjimas į mus vis paliekančią kometą” / Looking at a Comet Constantly Leaving Us – the first mini album by Skeldos. It was created using electroacoustic sounds and field recordings that usually remain in the background. It’s a release about catching the moment. An instant you can’t describe in words or sounds. So all that remains is to talk about the preparation and the end of the process. Like an Intro and Outro.
Clear 5″ lathe cut vinyl in stereo. Handmade packaging with original linocuts by rūkana. Limited edition of 18 copies. The album will never be released in digital, as its master has been deliberately deleted.
Music, lyrics, artwork: Vytenis Eitminavičius
Linocuts, photos: rūkana /
Translation: Jurij Dobriakov

ilgės - caretakers of yearning

The Epicurean / cd / 2019

The “Ilgės – Caretakers of Yearning” CD is an extended version of his recent cassette album “Ilgės”, which had been available in a very limited edition only – newly mastered by Hunter Barr – with the addition of an exclusive track recorded especially for this new The Epicurean edition.
Inspired by the poetry of Lithuanian writer Antanas Škėma and contextualized spiritually by a trip to Southeast Asia and the visual diary of hope and despair, the proximity and the omnipresence of death, Skeldos recorded “Ilgės” in 2015-2018, exclusively employing acoustic instruments like accordion, Lithuanian zither, guitar and violin as sound sources.
All sounds, lyrics: Vytenis Eitminavičius
Cover design: Skeldos
Typography: The Epicurean
Photos: rūkana /
Translation: Jurij Dobriakov & Rimas Užgiris
Mastering: Hunter Barr

“Still, what lay behind the hundred twenty fifth door?”


Skeldos / cassette / 2018

“Ilgės” / Caretakers of Yearning – the third album by Skeldos.
The album was inspired by a poem by the Lithuanian writer Antanas Škėma titled “A Lie”, which talks about the hope that there is something important beyond the desolate routine. Two extended pieces awash in melancholy and longing revolve around a silent question: perhaps that which is crucial is really nearby?
“Ilgės” was recorded in 2015-2018 using acoustic instruments (accordion, Lithuanian zither, guitar) as primary sound sources, with their imperfect creaks and resonant echoes intended to make the vast sonic horizons sound close.
The album is released in an edition of 100 copies, out of which 25 are an exclusive release with a silver print. The cassettes are wrapped in handmade packaging made from fading recycled paper. Each copy comes with a digital download code.
All sounds, lyrics, artwork: Vytenis Eitminavičius
Photo: rūkana /
Translation: Jurij Dobriakov
“Still, what lay behind the hundred twenty fifth door?”


IYv / Skeldos & Rūkana
Ghia; Skeldos / cassette / 2017
Vrystaete / lp / 2022

“Upės” / Rivers is the debut album of IYv – a music entity by Skeldos and Rūkana.
It’s an album about travelling. About hearing of birds, close to the rock chains, which twists on the surface of mountains, through marks of our memory just like the rivers. The album is recorded in the exclusion, in a log barn and wooden summerhouse. It’s decorated with deliberately left spontaneous inaccuracies and coherent crookedness. Nostalgic loops of ambient tells a natural story of composers: approaching gritty earth, crackling fire in the night, live rain and swimming through his streams.
Originally released on cassette by Skeldos & Ghia in 2017 in an edition of 72 copies. New 2021 mixing by Skeldos for LP release by Vrystaete /
All sounds, lyrics, cover design: Rūkana & Skeldos
Mastering for LP: Ruud Lekx
Translation: Asta Laureckienė & Jurij Dobriakov
Silkscreen & risograph prints: M.
Hand-carved stamps: Maaike
Recorded 2015-2017 in a log barn and wooden summerhouse in Lithuania.


Skeldos & Daina Dieva
Daina Dieva; Skeldos / cd / 2015

“Aviliai” / The Hives is an album by two Lithuanian drone-ambient projects Daina Dieva and Skeldos. Their idea on working on a record together has matured over a couple of years, and finally, when materialized, became a multifaceted soundscape. The sound travels in between the silence and the noise, layered voice-patterns give way to a harsher wall of sounds, easing out again to the minimal volume, maximum tension.
Skeldos tell, that “the album is about a dream, which is being born while you fall into the sleep while surrounded by the branches of a tree, as if in your bee-hive. It is as if you’d walk though viscous sands that become endless seas, into the sound of the rain of moths. It’s a dream which needs you body-less. It’s a dream from which you can’t return.”
“I’ve filled “Aviliai” album with the sweetness of honey, with my pain and heartburn, my longing for serenity and the fatigue of time. All of those feelings and forebodings, dreams and nightmares unfold themselves and turn to sound,” shares Daina Dieva.
This sound-trip starts with a flutter of a butterfly in a mirror and goes through to the core of a dream.
All sounds, lyrics, visuals: Daina Dieva & Skeldos


Terror, Skeldos / cassette / 2014

“Įspaudai” / Imprints – a debut album by Skeldos.
It is about a necessity of creating your own house where you could put all your experiences and emotions, line them up as if fragile yantras. And about the coming realization that only imprints will remain.
Tape is packed in a hand-made black cloth bag and marked with wax imprint. Edition of 100 copies.
Sound, text: Vytenis Eitminavičius
Mastering: Daina Dieva
Cover, analogue photos: rūkana / skeldos
Translation: Asta E.
Recorded in: 2012-2014
The album created in the encirclement of Lithuanian trees.

genius loci

Vietos. Mūsų daubos
Apport! / cassette / 2023

expiratio (vol. 3)

drone-mind // mind-drone (vol. 7)

note Lithuania: experimental electronic 2019

nothingness (vol.2)

note Lithuania: beyond folk

the machine started to flow into a vein (vol. 4) - 2014 11 08

Moontrix / cd / 2014

the machine started to flow into a vein (vol. 3) - 2012 11 10

Moontrix / cd / 2012