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It’s impossible to draw a boundary where the mist ends giving way to translucent horizons. The transit is imperceptible and natural. It takes the most subtle inner senses to grasp it. The music of Skeldos stirs similar feelings as it drifts toward the horizon in slow pastel-shaded patches of aquarelle. Ambient and drone are the somewhat useful terms in this context although they only describe conditional features. The project’s soundset stems from melancholic yet at the same time soul-comforting changes in nature as well as from a nostalgic smoky mood and personal experiences that are impossible to verbalise. This elegy bears no pomp as it’s all about concentration, listening and attempts to taste the silent awareness within your inner self.

/ povilas vaitkevičius

drone – melancholia

/ drone records

The smell of a real bonfire smoldering in the woods at night is my incense. Even though traditional incense can also create an intimate atmosphere at home, it does not play a big role in my life. I would advise those who want to get the most out of the music of Skeldos to go to a forest in winter, put up a tent on the snow, make a fire, and just be silent for a while. It is a space which has left a lasting imprint on my inner world.

I have always been fascinated by the possibility to make sound using mechanical means. Acoustic instruments fall into this category, together with the crackle of boats floating in a harbor or humming in the moonlight.  full interview

/ this is darkness

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