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[ Sep 28, 2018 ]

Skeldos interview for webzine (in LT only).


8th Inter-format Symposium on Rites & Terrabytes

[ Jun 18, 2018 ]

KSIĘŻYC (Robert Niziński and Paweł Romańczuk), SKELDOS, SALA and OBELIJA in Nida.

This time the 8th Inter-format Symposium on Rites & Terrabytes that will take place at VAA Nida Art Colony on 20th-24th of June will bring together over 50 artists, researchers, philosophers, scientists, ritualists, musicians, and other kinds of practitioners to critically reflect on notions of indigenous culture today as well as reinvent traditional knowledges through archaic Rites and ubiquitous Terrabytes.


residency in Nida

[ May 29, 2018 ]
Back from a two weeks creative residency in Nida.



[ Jul 06, 2016 ]
Today - Statehood Day of Lithuania. Five years ago I played on a stage for the first time under the name Skeldos. And it seems that the most important thing during these years was small collaborations with friends: Daina Dieva, Oorchach, Levas (Pogrom), Giedrius (Maldur Atai), Obsrr...

Salut to all of you and all the sounds we will create in the future!



[ Jan 03, 2016 ]
Some black-and-white shots from a trip to colorful Indonesia.


hiss&hum minitour

[ Dec 11, 2014 ]
The misty week oh "Hiss&Hum" minitour is over. The days of intense sound of mountains and ditches, hours of the morning lullabies from the fog made of evening. The moments for future nostalgia.
Thanks to everyone that made this time so special. And especially to my warmest clouds: Daina Dieva, Obšrr and Oorchach.



[ Sep 09, 2014 ]
After several months of letters, said words, empty bottles and exchanged sounds the performance with DAINA DIEVA in Menuo Juodaragis festival seems to have stuck into the solid honeycomb filled with Moths-Wine-Tears-Lillies of the Valley... And it's not surprising when the days after are accompanied with so familiar gloom. Autumn.

Strange changing unexpected time. And occurred sensation that it is so good to play on the scene in duo.
And after this sentence it's time perhaps to write that:

2014 11 08 in Anyksciai, in the event The Machine Started To Flow Into A Vein (Vol. 4), traditionally organized by Moontrix organization, together with CoH (ru/se), Colin Potter (uk), Morrigun and Inwards you will hear

the collaboration between OORCHACH and SKELDOS !

More information:


skeldos // imprints

[ Apr 23, 2014 ]
When apple blossoms will rain in the garden...


kursiu nerija

[ Apr 23, 2014 ]
Kursiu Nerija at spring.


canary islands

[ Dec 18, 2013 ]
Some moments from the winter trip to Canary Islands.



[ Aug 15, 2013 ]
Some moments from the summer weekend in Latvia.



[ May 13, 2013 ]

Some moments from the spring journey to Ireland.


STEPAS EITMINAVICIUS - Simtas metru Uteneles (Hundred metres of Utenele river)

[ Sep 03, 2012 ]

In my homeland
Which burned tonight
The horse is crying.


in memory of Ray Bradbury

[ Jun 26, 2012 ]


siggnal: planetarium gig review

[ May 09, 2012 ]
siggnal link (in LT only) >>


skeldos interview for Nemuzika blog

[ Jan 28, 2012 ]


the bolts

[ Dec 11, 2011 ]
I'm going to work and the bolts are flowing from the head, all sorts of thoughts. But I figured that this is exactly the bolts, which are used in the production of rockets!




[ Dec 09, 2011 ]



unexpected record session

[ Nov 14, 2011 ]
I remember the thought that came and went out long ago to create a song about the child that is being beaten at home. I imagined him cowered in the corner, the anger screams of parents and his fear. Interests, thoughts changed - so I didn't create anything.
On the weekend, when autumn melancholia flooded me, I felt that this tought is coming back. Indeed in the different form, different context. So the unexpected gathering took place and the spontaneous recording led to :

svilpia dirzas (rumunija cover)

the belt is whistleing over your head...


[ Jun 20, 2011 ]
it reminded the dripping resin.
breaking irritating view.
sitting in the wide field.
echoing skeldos in the distance.


through the maple arteries...

[ May 05, 2011 ]
through the maple arteries,
through the maple veins,
thought the maple capillaries
my sadness flows.

it's unpleasant -
somebody is running
to drink the sap.