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maldur atai ‎- umbra nihili l

UMBRA NIHILI  l  (cd / digipak)

1. Umbra Nihili l (3:10)
2. Pogrom - Obsession (7:25)
3. Voice Of Eye - Radiant Dawn of Infinite Grief (6:48)
4. Streamline (2:01)
5. Deutsch Nepal - Fatal Dawn (6:29)
6. Oorchach - Pliušinė karūna / The Plush Crown (8:25)
7. Attempt (1:32)
8. Skeldos - Beprasiskleidžiančios / Unfolding (8:29)
9. Hole Horizon (1:07)

Mastering:   Colin Potter  
Cover design:   Opera Dreamhouse

Released 2014 07 02:   Moontrix  (MTXCD007)
Limited edition

After nearly two years of silence, Maldur Atai wave gives us a retrospective remix album – Umbra Nihili I. Born in early 2010, an idea of remix album was transforming and evolving along with the microstages of Maldur Atai activity. A concept of Umbra Nihili album series has been inspired and framed by the perception that every aspect of reality is divided into two sides only until the mechanical moon-shaped puzzle found in mystic temples of Nepal is not solved.
It is a moment of change and endeavour to reassess the previous heights and abysses and to start new cycle with one more opportunity to unfold the riddle of the last tabula rasa.
Sound system of Maldur Atai is a result of integration of various approaches and energy parts composing them.

Excerpt from Skeldos track  " Beprasiskleidžiančios / Unfolding ".


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