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[ Sep 24, 2019 ]

Festival of music, art and local harvest.
Durbe. Latvia.


ZEMLIKA is a festival of music, art & local cuisine that takes place in officially the smallest municipality of Latvia - the town of Durbe. It is based around live performances by international and local acts and musicians, art and music workshops, seminars, open lectures, film screenings, theatre, festival’s restaurant with local produce on its menu and other activities is planned as an annual event.

The idea of Zemlika Festival is based on enthusiasm of locals and Durbe City Council and its establishments. It is being financially supported by several national and cross-border cultural foundations and foreign embassies. What is more - its future will be highly dependent on people willing to forget about their comfort provided by cities, and to go and spend a weekend in the country in order to enjoy a great variety of cultural events little or no town as small as Durbe in Latvia has offered yet. Those on and in front of stage are the main value of the whole thing. Within their integrity lies the synergy pushing it all forward.

More info: ZEMLIKA