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[ Mar 20, 2013 ]

Some thoughts for 2013 :

After three live concerts in 2012 I realized that it tooks a lot of time, a lot of thinkings to make an important / memoriable program. So for the future I will try to keep position, that importance is not in quantity. There will be some live gigs in 2013. All the info will be posted here later.

In the nearest future plans - Moontrix already scheduled  MALDUR ATAI remixed tracks album to be released this spring. The upcoming CD will contain sound interpretations by Lithuanian performers – Oorchach, Skeldos, Pogrom, and by projects abroad – Deutsch Nepal and Voice Of Eye.  More information  >>

After a year of thinking, recording Skeldos debut album (cass) is planned to be released ant the late autumn.

.. new wheel, new ideas, new depths ..